See How to Use HERO11 Black’s HyperView Digital Lens | GoPro Tips

Broaden your cinematic vision with HERO11 Black’s HyperView—a GoPro-exclusive digital lens that delivers the widest point of view yet. HyperView records video using the full 8:7 sensor to get a super-tall image, then provides the resulting footage in a sweeping 16:9 aspect ratio. It captures more of you and your surroundings, giving viewers an ultra-immersive, in-the-moment experience of your best POV action shots. Watch this short video to learn how to use HyperView.

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00:00-00:24 What is HyperView?
00:24-00:52 When to Use HyperView
00:52-01:13 How to Use HyperView
01:13-02:03 Access With The Quik App
02:03-02:26 Outro

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