GoPro | Perfect Heli Ski Run POV 🎬 Hedvig Wessel #Shorts #Skiing

Dream run? 🤤 #GoProAthlete @HedvigWesselYT is kicking off our countdown to International Women’s Day on March 8th in an effort to #InspireInclusion. Stay tuned to see more from the incredible women of the GoPro community.

GoPro Athlete Hedvig Wessel had the pleasure of skiing the Alaskan backcountry with her close friends + GoPro MAX. Dropped off via helicopter, she wastes no time getting into the steep spines + gnarly pillows that are cornerstone to this ski playground. The well-decorated Norwegian freestyle skiier has competed in both the Winter Olympics + Freeride World Tour, while simultaneously traveling the world in search of the biggest mountain terrain on the planet.

Keywords: Mountain, Snow, International Women’s Day, Skiier

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