GoPro | Straightlining a Sketchy Narrow Chute 🎬 Adria Millan #Shorts #Skiing

GoPro Line of The Winter awardee Adria Millan wins again 🏆💰 This wild, Argentinian backcountry skiing line earned him $10,000 after submitting the GoPro MAX clip to + posting it with the challenge hashtag. Judges Jamie Anderson, Tom Wallisch, Sage Kotsenburg, Hedvig Wessel, + Kai Jones chose this clip from hundreds of submissions to earn the top spot in our February ski category.

What’s up for grabs this season:
💰 $10,000 each for 4 ski + 4 snowboard clips from Jan – April
🏆 $20,000 each for 1 skier + 1 snowboarder whose run is crowned “GoPro Line of the Winter” in May

Every month, our panel of GoPro Athletes will select their favorite clips based on athletic performance, video-capture quality, + overall “wow factor” 💪

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