GoPro: HERO10 Black | 23MP Photos and 19.6MP Frame Grabs

Level-up to 23 mega-pixel photos on GoPro. 23. Million. Pixel. Photos. This quality is sustained across all Photo Modes, plus, with Burst Mode, you can capture 25 incredibly detailed images in the span of just 1 second. Never miss the shot. Shoot in RAW format for uncompressed data and ultimate control when editing. If editing is not your forte, #SuperPhoto and HDR will intelligently identify and apply the most appropriate image processing for your lighting and environment. 3 Digital Lenses give you creative control with your field-of-view and a new hydrophobic lens cover ensures water droplets are a thing of the past. If you’re privy to video, snag 19.6MP frame grabs from 5K 4:3 resolution.

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