GoPro: HERO10 Black | New Resolutions and Frame Rates

Higher frame rates equate to amazingly-smooth motion. Higher resolutions offer finer detail and flexibility in post. HERO10 Black delivers both. Capture jaw-dropping 5.3K video at 60FPS, or 2X slow motion. That’s 91% more resolution than 4K and 665% more than HD. Need ultra-slow-motion? The new GP2 processor allows you to smoothly showcase 2.7K footage at 1/8 real-time speed. But it doesn’t stop there, switch to stunning 4K at 120FPS for the best of both worlds. If you can’t decide between photos or video, you’re covered. Shoot video in 5K 4:3 for the option to pull rich 19.6MP frame grabs after the action.

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